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Posted on December 26, 2011 at 9:00 PM

It's said there is a wondrous place

Where all the angels dwell

A place far beyond our vision

A place where beauty fell.

I've heard it said the angels fly

Throughout this place all day

and if you stop and listen

You can hear the harps they play.

I've never seen an angel

I've never seen one fly

But I just know somehow they're watching

From a majestic place up high.

I have heard it said they're always with us

though some days we seem to fail

but when we reach out to touch a heart..

we truly walk where angels dwell.


Somewhere in the clouds

Somewhere far away

Is the castle that I long for

It's only a dream away.

These are the things dreams are made of

Of tall castles in the sky

So come join me in my journey

Where doves and angels fly...


The sky is efferescent and golden The birds are attuned to the soft light blending sounds of the harp echoing... The angels are out tonight working their good in the lost and forgotten The lepers, the outcasts, the poverty stricken, the sick, who all get lit up by angels..flowing throughout the world... The holy doves The tinsel on the Christmas trees The light festivals The glittering of the sun on the crystallized ice The cupids on Valentine's Day The ocean's horizon at dawn The purple lilacs in the gardens... The angels are with us They come out to heal the needy and sound their trumpets for the world... Letting us know it's alright It's alright now...

by Jeanne Fiedler


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